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About BTB

The phrase “The Thin Blue Line” is synonymous with policing and law enforcement. It is the “Line” in “Line of Duty”, it represents what stands between society, order, peace and crime, anarchy, chaos. What stands beyond the thin blue line are the husbands and wives, sons and daughters, common-law partners and significant others, mothers and fathers of our officers. 

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Our Mission

Committed to providing a community of support to police spouses & families, through resources that will provide education, training & practical tools to enable families to thrive in their roles as the support system for their police officer.


The key elements of our organization lie within the following objectives:

  • To offer a community of support to police families

  • To promote awareness of our officer’s worth as well as an understanding of the joys and struggles that are uniquely experienced in life in law enforcement

  • To coordinate resources, educational opportunities & training that will aid in offering training & practical tools to police spouses and families

  • To reduce the stigma associated with mental illness and mental injuries  

  • To facilitate police families connecting on a social level to build friendships and supportive relationships



Our best tool for measuring our success will be as simple as the number of lives we are able to touch. This will be reflected in the size of our membership, the number of people attending scheduled meetings/events and the number of active members on social media sites. 



Canada Beyond The Blue is working towards increasing the number of established Beyond The Blue Chapters across Canada. This will allow for greater support structures, collaboration and access to resources for police families in Canada.


Larger organizations have an inherent strength and advantage which can include a greater influence, stronger brand recognition, an economy of scale, greater human resources and more – all of which Canada Beyond The Blue and its Chapters will benefit from.

Canada Beyond the Blue

Canada Beyond the Blue is a peer-led, non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening and supporting families of law enforcement officers in Canada. Since 2013, Canada BTB has welcomed 7 chapters across Canada including Calgary, Vancouver, Peel, Toronto, Durham, OPP, and Niagara. Collectively, each chapter strives to promote an awareness of our officer's worth as well as an understanding of the joys and struggles that are uniquely experienced in life in law enforcement.


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Board of Directors


Caitlin Alwyn,


 Caitlin works full time in the Insurance industry. She is also a mom of three and is married to a Peel Police Officer.

Like many Caitlin has faced the challenges that come with being married and raising a family. She has also faced some she never saw coming.  Through each experience, Caitlin has learned more about herself, her strength and her ability to cope with and overcome any obstacle that is put her way.  Her goal is that through Peel Beyond the Blue, she can help others by sharing her experiences, celebrating in the joys and helping others navigate through the trials that can come with being a parent and the spouse of a police officer.

Karina Docampo-Nash, Vice President

Karina Docampo-Nash, Vice President of Peel Beyond the Blue, works as a registered social worker for the Ministry of the Solicitor General. The nature of her experience includes over seven years of work, practicum, and volunteer experiences, with various not-for-profit and health care settings. This has allowed her to work in a wide range of services providing for individuals involved in the forensic mental health system, individuals in conflict with the law, mental health and addiction crisis, intimate partner violence, individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities, youth, and newcomer settlement programs. Karina is proud to be a part of Peel Beyond the Blue, as she is a spouse of  Peel Regional Police officer. Karina is motivated and passionate about sharing her life experiences and knowledge to help support other spouses and families.

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Code of Conduct


This Code of Conduct supports a strong culture of support, collaboration, respect, and ethics. It helps ensure that what we say, what we do and how we act is always in line with our values and in the best interest of ourselves and our peers.


  1. Always act with fairness, honesty, integrity, and openness; respect the opinions of others and treat all with equality and dignity without regard to gender, race, color, creed, ancestry, place of origin, political beliefs, religion, marital status, disability, age, or sexual orientation.

  2. Promote the mission and objectives of Canada Beyond The Blue in all dealings with the public on behalf of the organization.

  3. Strive to provide a positive and valued experience for members of Canada Beyond The Blue.

  4. Respect and maintain the confidentiality of individual personal information about persons within the organization, for example, in peer support, support groups or in meetings.

  5. Canada Beyond The Blue has a zero-tolerance policy with respect to personal or sexual harassment, bullying or cyber-bullying, gossip or rumor spreading. Any of these infractions in any form is strictly prohibited and may be grounds for termination as a member or volunteer from Canada Beyond The Blue or any Beyond The Blue chapter.

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